How it works

Complete this step by step tutorial to learn how to use the different sections and get the most out of the academy!

Welcome to Nesma Academy! Learn how it works.

Welcome to Nesma Academy! Learn here how it works.


Don’t forget to click on each “Mark complete” button in every tutorial to get it to a 100%!

Duration, difficulty and course type

What are those icons that appear below the videos, and what are they for? Watch the video to find out!

Your dashboard

These are the different parts of the main page, also known as dashboard.

Courses, lessons and chapters

Let's see how we can discover and explore all the courses, lessons and chapters!

Your collections

Favorites? In progress? Bookmarks? Completed? What's that and how can I use it?

Discover additional material and exclusive content
Manage your account, payments & subscription

Manage your data, payment methods, upgrade or cancel your subscription, etc ...

Need help?

Got any doubts? You'll learn how to solve them and contact with our support team in this step.

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