The Andalusi Music by Amin Chaachoo | 11



Deepen your knowlegde and practice:

In this professional recording the two san'as appear: listening to them will allow you to absorb the traditional atmosphere of the melodies.
  • San'a 1: "Billah alik" from 42:49
  • San'a 2: "Irham qulaybi" from 48:30

Find below PDF files with the lyrics of the two san'as and the score of each san'a. Then use the audio recording and the videos recorded by Amin Chaachoo to sing yourself the two san'as of the song Bassit Al Istilhah. Lyrics of the san'as (Link PDF): Letra BASSIT AL Score of the 1st san'a (Link PDF): Billah `alik Score of the 2nd san'a (Link PDF): Irham qulaybi
Audio recording of songs remastered to 440Hz:

Billah alik

Irham qulaybi


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