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Muwashahat & Neoandalusi Fundamentals Class 19/26

NATEC Certificate Fundamentals Course. Muwashahat and Neoandalusi. This course serves as the foundational step on your journey towards the NATEC Professional Certification. In this course you will learn Muwashahat and Neoandalusi dance technique as taught by Nesma, essential theoretical, and musical foundations in preparation for the NATEC Professional Certification program. The course consists of 26 hours of classes. Each class is one hour in duration and will be supported by Nesma's guidance on which academy videos to study and which music to listen to.

Session: Muwashahat & Neoandalusi Fundamentals Class 19/26
Date: 9th April 2024
Time: 8:30pm

Expected Duration 1:00 hr

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