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Muwashahat Mounyati Azza Stibari 5/5

In this course we will study a Nesma-style Muwashahat choreography as well as all the technical aspects of dance and music necessary for its interpretation.

Course content:

  • Study of the Muhajjar rhythm.
  • Understanding of lyrics and music.
  • Nesma style Muwashahat technique.
  • Choreography Muwashahat Mounyati Azza Stibari.

Music: Muwashah Mounyati Azza Stibari

Composer: Sayed Darwish

Performer: Ghada Shebeir

Album: Qawaleb

Session: Muwashahat Mounyati Azza Stibari 5/5
Date: 4th April 2022
Time: 6:00pm

Expected Duration 1:30 hr

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