Muwashahat Choreography | Lahen Tayyah 4



Lahen Tayyah The Arrogant Player

  Composer & Lyrics: Fouad Abdel Meguid Singing & Arrangements : Rebal Alkhodary Album: Li Habibum Title: Lahen Tayyah Link to Youtube: Rebal Alkhoday Website:    


English translation published by millah 10/01/2018  

لاه لاه لاه تياه بسهام العينين رمى

يرنو يرنو يرنو بدلال فيثير بأشواقي ظما

Player, player, an arrogant player shooting arrows from her eyes She (lit. he) keeps staring, staring and staring with coquetry and arousing the thirst of my yearnings      

أهواه أهواه وألقاه بأفراح وغنا

وأذيب بألحاني أشواقي نغما

I’m in love with her, I love her, and I welcome her with feasts and songs And I melt my yearnings down with my melodies and I turn them into tunes    

ناد ناد ناد مياد ذو دلال وبها

هل يدري كم يجري بأفكار بأفكار ونها

She’s swaying and calling and calling with her coquetry and gorgeousness Does she ever know that she lets ideas and ideas and thoughts come to life?    

يغريها يمنيها فتصبو فتصبو وأنى لها

يتمنى يتجنى يلقي يلقي اللوم بها

She stimulates and arouses those ideas till they turn into love and I’m ready for them She gives hopes but then she neglects (everything) putting blame on them (the ideas)  

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