Mahmoud Reda Dance Legacy | Technique 4


  • 0.00 min. Basic weight shift exercises, hip shifts, poses, and preparations. 
  • 6.08 min. Combinations studied in Unit 1: cross step and front step with 1,2,3 step.
  • 10.55 min. We begin Unit 2: basic turns
  • 13.39 min. Turn cut
  • 16h30 min. Combos of Unit 1 inserting turn cut 
  • 21.46 min. Diagonals with combos  of Unit 1 inserting turns
  • 28.50 min. Combos of Unit 1 with turns and   forward and back direction
Practice the combinations for next week!

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  • Date: 5th November 2020
  • Time: 6:15pm
  • Time Zone: Europe/Madrid

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