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Fakarouni Choreography 1


Series dedicated to Oum Kalthoum where we will study the genre "long song" popularized by Oum Kalthoum. In this series we will study how to dance and interpret each part in this genre. Interpretation posibilities. Technique and choreography of the song Fakarouni composed by Mohamed Abdel Wahab. In this first class we will listen to the first part of the introduction: "El adlib", the first part of the choreography. While we study the choreography we will see the rhythmic structure of the first part, the changes and accents.

After more than 30 years of experience as a professional dancer, teacher, producer and entrepreneur, I've realised I now need to spread all the knowledge these experiences have given me, using technology to reach as much people as I can, to keep sharing my passion and helping others develop and grow their dance careers as well. That's why I created Nesma Academy, a unique space to learn, discover, and enjoy everything related to dance.

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Live Learning Session

  • Date: 17th November 2020
  • Time: 8:15pm
  • Time Zone: Europe/Madrid

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