Instructor: Nesma

In this session, we will study the rhythms Mudawwar Shami, Dharafat, Murabba, Muhajjar, and Mukhammas. We will begin by analyzing the structure of each rhythmic pattern and their main variants. We will sing them to familiarize ourselves with their structure and listen to them with percussion accompaniment. Finally, we will analyze how they are integrated into selected muwashahat.

For learning these rhythms, it is essential to listen to them with percussion, sing them, and listen to pieces that contain these rhythms. You can find a readding copy of the rhythms here attached.

  1. 00:44 - Introduction. Summary of rhythms
  2. 03:48 - Mudawwar Shami
  3. 11:27 - Dharafat
  4. 30:27 - Murabba
  5. 01:15:09 - Muhajjar
  6. 01:41:15 - Mukhammas
  7. 01:58:54 - Final