Instructor: Nesma

Enhance your experience by utilizing video chapters and reading the description below.

In this class, we have reviewed various concepts to consider as we delve into the study of technique in the upcoming sessions.

Class Content:

1-Intro 00:00

2-Warm-up 05:45

3-General Placement 15:05
Head, pelvis, knees, feet, arms, hands.
The importance of variations for expression: in the head, arms, hands, etc.
Examples with hip sway.

4- Footwork 22:29
Different ways to step and walk.
Naturalness, organic footwork.
Examples of different footfalls.

5- Body weight on the feet 26:55

6- Basic positions and preparations 31:25
1, 2 and variations, 3 and variations.
Large preparation - large movement.
Examples of preparation and movement.
Exercise: preparatory step.

7- Poses 55:39
Position 2 with and without hip.
Position 3 diagonal.

8- Isolation and integration: 01:06:00
Different techniques and muscle usage depending on the goal.

9- Weight shifts: 01:18:23
Basic without axis change, and with change (hip and shoulders). Exercise.
Fluid with and without jump. Exercise.
With push and jump. Exercise.

10- Basic arm movement: 01:34:24
Lateral preparation - movement with ascent with or without shoulders.
Frontal preparation. Variations and exercises.

Practice: Very basic combination exercises with everything studied:

11-Combination 1: 01:39:03

Frame step, frame step, preparation position 1, weight change with jump, pose effect 1.

12-Combination 2: 01:46:00
2 Natural steps, 1 tiptoe step and weight change with jump and frontal position 3, pick up (prepare) figure eight and turn transferring weight forward.