Instructor: Amin Chaachoo

Difficulty: Style: Andalusi Type: Study Topic: Music for dancers Duration: 30 hours

The Arab-Andalusian music is the musical fruit of the civilization of al-Andalus (711-1492), one of the most brilliant civilizations in the history of humanity, whose scientific, literary, intellectual and artistic production constitutes a unique case in the history of civilization.

As such, all of this music:

  1. Belongs to the group of modal music, together with court music, liturgies, Persian music, Byzantine music, Turkish music, Arabic music and the popular music of medieval Europe.
  2. Its modal conception is currently unique in the world, integrating itself into a traditional conception that unites the rational aspect to the spiritual dimension.
  3. The beauty of its melodies is worthy of the most refined tastes. Its elegance and refinement attest to a high degree of civilization.

In this course, we will cover all aspects of Andalusian Music, preserved in Morocco, the main host country for Andalusian communities, from its history, origins and development, to the performance of practical exercises, passing through musical structures, poetic forms, spiritual symbolism and the search for musical beauty.

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