Instructor: Nesma

Difficulty: Style: Reda Technique Type: Study Topic: Technique Duration: 1h15

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Training program in the Mahmoud Reda Technique

Created and directed by Nesma since 2012.

In this course organized by levels Nesma teaches Mahmoud Reda's Technique, step by step, with its own methodology that results from many years of experience in collaborating with the teacher, teaching his technique and representing his choreography with her company.

Since joining the Reda Troupe in 1998, Nesma has worked with Mahmoud Reda on many projects, shows and training. Since then she has been one of the closest collaborators to Mahmoud Reda and she is currently considered the most prepared teacher to continue spreading her legacy with quality and authenticity.

Nesma considers that the knowledge of the technique created by emblematic Egyptian choreographer is inescapable to understand the modern oriental dance.


We will study all the techniques created by Mahmoud Reda, emphasizing each dance, the differences from oriental dance and the application of these techniques to solo oriental dance.

While learning the techniques we also focus on teaching, which means we will learn the techniques and, at the same time, how they can be taught.

Why should Oriental dancers know this technique ?

  • to use and control the space on stage.
  • to apply it to any style of Egyptian folklore and oriental dance
  • this technique has served as the basis for modern oriental dance
  • this technique and coded language enables the design of choreographies for dances in groups or with partners without the need to unify the styles

What are the challenges with this technique ?

  • to understand and assimilate the differences from Oriental dance and to be able to “disconnect” from Oriental solo dancing.
  • to work on continuous level and weight transfers

Structure and Program

The training is organized in 4 levels: each week there will be a recorded unit plus 3 live classes.

Level 1, 2 and 3: Theory, technique and didactics.

10 weeks each level. One unit per week

Level 4 Choreographies and folk styles.


After more than 30 years of experience as a professional dancer, teacher, producer and entrepreneur, I've realised I now need to spread all the knowledge these experiences have given me, using technology to reach as much people as I can, to keep sharing my passion and helping others develop and grow their dance careers as well. That's why I created Nesma Academy, a unique space to learn, discover, and enjoy everything related to dance.

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