In Dreams of Al-Andalus Nesma delved deep into her personal art to explore the rich heritage of Al-Andalus. She introduced a totally new theatrical language based on popular Spanish and Arab dances, fusing the Andalusian spirit, Arab music, flamenco and Andalusian poetry.
“Being able to premiere this work is a dream in and of itself. For me it has been an exercise in freedom and the search for beauty in an attempt to escape from every established norm, following the spirit of the muwashahah.”

World Premiere: The Opera House of Cairo, July 30, 2008.


After more than 30 years of experience as a professional dancer, teacher, producer and entrepreneur, I've realised I now need to spread all the knowledge these experiences have given me, using technology to reach as much people as I can, to keep sharing my passion and helping others develop and grow their dance careers as well. That's why I created Nesma Academy, a unique space to learn, discover, and enjoy everything related to dance.

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