Al Qahira El Adima

El Qahira El Adima - Old Cairo in Arabic -, the name of the neighbourhood where the composer was born and raised, recreates a wedding scene as they are celebrated today in the city’s most popular neighbourhoods. As a well-known Egyptian writer put it, we are all “children of our neighbourhood.” Good humour and melancholy are mixed in this piece, inseparable components of the Egyptian soul. Examining the piece further, we find five distinct parts. The accordion improvisation reveals the poetic, popular atmosphere of Cairo. Then, the accordion together with the rest of the ensemble introduces the main melody with Wahda Kibira and Maksoum rhythms. This makes way for the celebration and invitation to the party. The third part consists of an accordion and percussion improvisation which represents the groom’s dance with a stick, demonstrating his happiness and virility to the guests. From a nearby balcony, the bride enjoys the scene with her friends. In the fourth part, the bride enters the house and dances to the sound of the kanoun, here expressing feminine sensuality. Finally, all the guests join together to bid the bride and groom farewell.

  • Music composed by Moddathir Aboul Wafa
  • Produced by Nesma
    Recorded at Ammer Studio, Cairo, 2007
    Released in the album Toola ©2007 Nesma Music

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